Transitions DJ

Library Management

The library is a database of all songs in Transitions DJ. You can see the list of all songs in the library by selecting the "Library" item in the playlist tree.

Playlists in Transitions DJ come in two varieties: static playlists and folder playlists. Static playlists are traditional playlists. Folder playlists are linked to the contents of a folder in the filesystem.

Adding Songs

Songs can be added to the library or a playlist by dragging the files from Explorer onto the item in the playlist tree. Alternatively, you can add files to the library by choosing File > Add Files..., or add files to a playlist by selecting a playlist and choosing File > Add Files to Playlist. Files can also be added by dragging to and from the playlist view.

Removing Songs

Songs can be removed from a playlist by highlighting the song in the playlist view, and then pressing the "Delete" key. Alternatively, you can highlight songs in the playlist view, right click to open the playlist context menu, and select "Delete" from playlist context menu.

Note that removing a song from a playlist will not remove it from the library. For a song to be removed from the library, it must removed from all playlists, as well as the "Library" playlist.

Creating Playlists

To add a static playlist, either click the "+" button, or select the File > Add Playlist menu item. To add songs to a playlist, you can either drag audio files from Explorer onto a playlist, drag files from the playlist view onto a playlist, or select Add Files To Playlist... from the File menu.

To create a folder playlist, drag a folder into the playlist view, or select the File > Add Folder Playlist menu item. Since the folder playlist is linked to the filesystem contents, you cannot add or delete songs to the folder playlist from Transitions DJ. To add or delete songs from a folder playlist, you must add or delete songs in Explorer.

Renaming Playlists

Playlists can be renamed by double clicking the playlist name in the playlist tree. Folder playlists can not be renamed. They are named using the name of the folder to which they are bound.

Deleting Playlists

To delete a playlist, select the playlist in the playlist view and select Delete Playlist from the File menu, or press the "Delete" key.

Cleanup Missing Files

Songs that cannot be found, either because they have been moved or deleted, are dimmed in the playlist view. To remove missing files from the library, select the File > Cleanup Missing Files menu item.

Reading Tags

Transitions DJ reads the metadata tags of all songs when they are added to the library. It also scans tags for changes and updates tags each time Transitions DJ is loaded. If, for any reason, you would like to force Transitions DJ to reread all metadata tags, there is an option to Reread Tags under the File menu.

Editing Tags

Tags can be edited by first highlighting the song in the song list, and then clicking the field you wish to edit. Certain fields, such as the filename, file information, and song length, are not editable.