Transitions DJ

Playlist Modes

The playlist mode determines how the player will advance after a song has finished playing on one of the decks. The playlist mode can be set to advance to the next song on the playlist, advance to a random song, repeat the current song, or not advance at all. Behavior is determined by the settings of the Shuffle, Repeat, and Auto-advance buttons.


When shuffle is turned on, the next song to be played will be chosen at random. When shuffle is off, playback will advance to the next song following the current song in the song list.


The behavior of repeat is determined by the auto-advance setting.

In auto-advance mode, repeat determines if playback will continue after the end of the playlist is reached. If repeat is enabled, the playback will continue from the beginning of the playlist. If disabled, playback will stop.

If auto-advance is disabled, repeat will cause the same track to be played over and over again in a loop.


When auto-advance is enabled, the player will automatically advance to the next song when playback of the current song ends. When auto-advance is off, the user must manually advance the song by selecting a song from the song list, or using the previous song or next song controls.

Common Mode Settings

Here is a list of settings for common playback modes: